Truck Driver License In Canada !! 2019

Truck Driver License In Canada :

Before you arrive in Canadait's suggested that you simply get a replica of your driving history from your home country’s licencing authority and/or insurance supplier.

Having the suitable documentation (including the particular licence itself) prepared after you arrive can facilitate once you’re applying for a driver license in Canada.
  • Documentation should be in English or French.
  • Restricted Class A licence
  • What you can drive
  • The restricted category A (condition R) licence is supposed for drivers in operation smaller truck-trailer mixtures, such as a recreational, horse or utility trailer.

You can also drive:

A car or light truck covered by a Class G licence

heavy trucks coated by the category D truck licence


  • To obtain a restricted Class A licence (condition R), you must to:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • hold a legitimate Ontario licence apart from G1, G2, M, M1 or M2
  • pass a vision test
  • submit a valid medical report
  • pass a data check concerning in operation giant trucks and tractor-trailers
  • pass a trial run employing a vehicle that meets the necessities for sophistication A (R)

To remove the "R" condition and upgrade your licence to a full category A, you must successfully complete a road test using a vehicle with a full Class A vehicle configuration.

This includes:

A trailer with a Manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (MGVWR) of at least 4,600 kg.
  • A full air brake on each the truck/ tractor and trailer.
  • Full Class A licence
  • The full category A truck licence is that the solely licence that covers full air brake systems on each tractors and trailers.
  • A mandatory entry-level coaching course should be with success completed before making an attempt the category A trial run.
  • What you can drive
  • A full category AZ (air brake endorsement) truck licence permits you to drive:
  • Any truck/tractor trailer combination
  • A combination of automobile and towed vehicles wherever the towed vehicles exceed a complete gross weight of four,600 kilograms (10,000 lbs) and has air brakes
  • A vehicle pulling double trailers 

With a full Class A licence you can also drive: 

A car or light truck covered by a Class G licence heavy trucks covered by the Class D truck licence any vehicle coated below a restricted category A truck licence

A Class A licence does not allow you to drive a bus carrying passengers, a motorcycle or a moped.
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