Truck Driver Salary In Canada !! $50000 ??

Truck Driver In Canada :

Truck driving in Canada: The Canadian industry finds itself troubled to stay drivers.The wages have not kept up to the rapid increase in the cost of living in Canada.

This state of affairs has caused a high rate of turnover within the Canadian industry, and therefore a shortage of skillful, qualified truck drivers.

Some Canadian truck drivers ar going the industry to hunt out higher paying jobs in alternative industries, like construction.

Truck Driver Training :

The beginning of training will be spent in class doing your air brake endorsement course, where you will learn how to do a practical test in which you have to show that you know how to properly measure the adjustments of your brakes.
You will also have to show that you can do this when you do your road test to get your full license at the end of your course.

The course can show you the way the air brakes works, but it’s important to learn what the size of the brake chamber of the vehicle you will be drivingand what the allowed travel of the stroke are. Depending on the scale of the brake chamber the allowable distance of the brake stroke is completely different.

Truck Driver Salary 

Being a long-haul truck driver has plenty of perks including a salary of between $55,000 and $70,000 per year (as well as some bonus payments).

The industry varies in terms of what you can do as a truck driver which also moves the pay scale up or down accordingly. 

The schedule is fairly flexible with some trips taking place over several months or for just a week. You also have the opportunity to negotiate with your employer to determine how long you would like to work and how many days you will have off in a month.

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