Canada PR For Truck Driver !! 2019 (VERY EASY)

Canada PR For Truck Driver :

It may appear to be AN odd shortage to own however North American nation is in growing want of truck drivers. With a small population spread over the second-largest country in the world, the country is looking towards immigrants to solve this employment issue. It has been announced that they hope to introduce over a million new workers into their economy within the next 3 years. We have compiled a list of reasons on why this is actually a well-paying job.

  • The Canadian industry is facing a shortage of long-term drivers to the tune of forty eight,000 by 2024, meaning those seeking Canada immigration have an excellent opportunity.
  • With a median age of forty seven and rising, the sector has one of the oldest workforce, with a third of drivers over 55, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.
  • Typically, a long-haul truck driver may pay up to fourteen days at a time on the road, working 12 hour shifts, with three days off in between.

  • Average salary ranges from $55,000 to $65,000, although drivers are often paid bonuses by the mile, enabling them to earn significantly more.

  • A search of Canada’s federal government’s job bank reveals nearly four,000 vacancies, each one of them with a possible route to a Canada visa.

Qualification For Truck Driver  :                  

In Canada to obtain a Class A License you need to first get a medical done, you can get it done at your family doctor or through an occupational health center, once you have that
done you take a copy of your medications with you when go to your nearest Drive Test center.
You will be required to pass an eye test as well as submitting your medical. You will then have to take a written test which will test your knowledge on signs and general road knowledge when it comes to operating a Commercial vehicle.


To obtain a restricted Class A license (condition R), you must to:

⦁ be at least 18 years old
⦁ hold a sound Ontario license apart from G1, G2, M, M1 or M2
⦁ pass a vision test
⦁ submit a valid medical report
⦁ pass a data check concerning in operation giant trucks and tractor-trailers
⦁ pass a trial run employing a vehicle that meets the wants for sophistication A

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